100% satisfied customer

100% satisfied customer:
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Blaithin from Dublin- 09th of January 2020.
I have been enjoying your Pickslim products for the last six months. I am very grateful to have found a company that supplies these protein products.

Frances from London- 06th of January 2020:
 I will definitely be continuing to order as I am very happy with the products and the customer service. I really enjoyed the vanilla bar and the dulce de leche bar. I didn’t like the Panna cotta dessert or the speculoos bar as they weren’t to my taste it there was nothing wrong with them. The Madeleine and coffee bar I haven’t had yet. 

Junaid from Milton Keynes- 11th of November 2019: 
I loved your product, as my Dad recommended me to use – as one of his friends have used something similar  – a different brand, but I have picked up your ones as they seemed a lot better, with more instructions and others guidance’s. 

Sheila from Nottingham - 28th of October:
I tried your products, and I have to say they are good, I am satisfied with the quality. The delivery was not that good, and that's why I just give 4 stars as it has been put in an access point as UPS said I was not at home at this time, then I was. However, I admit it is not your responsability. But I appreciated the way you managed it. 

Janice from Lancs- 12th of September 2019 :
I got my first order this Monday and I am pleased with the products. I want to order more of the savoury products .

Kate from Watford: 42 years old- 5th of April 2019.
Start weight: 13st2lbs   (84kg)
Weight loss: 3.5st
I always strugglled with my weight, since I am 9!
5 years ago, I decided it was time for me to change things and to focus on my weight loss. 
I tried several weight loss programm, but never tried to stop carbohydrates. 
It appears that it works, I fastly weight loss, and still today, if I am eating too much carbs, I immediately gain weight back!
I did Lifestyle plan  because it is important to have 1 diner with my family. 
I completely changed my food habit : I allow myself week end off , but the week I eat proteins and vegetables. When I do a little extra, I just get back on the plan the following day: 1 or 2 days with Pickslim Weight management plan
I always have Pickslim products at home to help me: if I am hungry, I have a Pickslim snack. If I have an indulgent week end: 1 day with 1 porridge in the morning, 1 MRP for lunch and I have a light diner with protein (often a Pickslim omelette) with a salad or vegetables. 

Lionel M from Liverpool- 8th of January 2019:
I usually buy my low carb snacks on an another website, I discovered Pickslim and saw that they have more choice than the other brands, and prices are mainly cheaper. So I tried last week to place an order. I received my package as planned. I have to say I was disappointed when I opened the box as the package are grey or white with just the name print on it, not very nice. However, when I taste them I have to say they are very good. I bought the double chocolate bar, the caramel and peanut bar (because I saw it on instagram!), the choco break: they were all very tasty, no lie on them! and they are all at 15 grams of proteins, which is great! I tried their shake: the vanilla is my favourite! and I tried their chips: I like them. I have to say, I will place another order without hesitation. 

Marjon V from Eindhoven- 18th of March 2019: 
I am following TFP for 2 weeks now, and I lost 8 lbs so far (knowing that I had Easter break in the middle!). Delivery arrived as planned. I have to say that products are good, and thanks to the snack, I am not hungry. Easy to follow as promised. 

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator


In Pickslim, we know what it’s like to struggle with weight management.
That’s why , we created weight loss plans  for you: easy to follow diet, low in carbohydrate, low in calorie and high in protein to ensure your hunger is satisfied.
And because we know it is often limiting to be in a low calorie diet , as variety is not a priority for a lot of our competitors, we are committed to offering you the largest range of weight loss supplements and weight loss management range all designed to offer lower calories, lower carbohydrates and higher protein content. Let’s pick your favorite treat in between our 200 products!
In Pickslim, we are convinced that weight loss, or weight management, to be follow and efficient has to be easy ! That’s why all our products are ready to eat or quick and easy to prepare