You are struggling with your weight for long time, you tried several diet methods but none of them provided you the long term solution you are looking for: Welcome to Pickslim!

In Pickslim we want you to have an Efficient, Fast and Easy to follow diet.
We don't want to make your life too complicated, we don't want you to spend too much money to reach your weight target!
We don't want you to be bored because you eat every day the same thing, we don't want you to be frustrated because you are unable to treat yourself with sweets pleasures!

That's why our range is the largest of the Diet market with 200 products, easy and quick to prepare !
We tested all our products and we can assure you they are the best taste products of the Diet market, and they all are lower in sugar than the "general low carb products" you can find everywhere else. 

Pickslim is a low carbohydrate, low sugar and low calorie weight loss program, high in protein to ensure you won't be hungry, and will be able to maintain your muscle mass. 
When you are overweight, you consume more calories than you burn. 
Today's food is full of carbs and sugar, it means that even when we think we reduced our calorie intake because we had small portions, we are unable to loose weight because most of the time carbs, and sugar are presents. 
Sugar is everywhere today, in every products we are consuming: pasta, rice, ready to eat meals, sandwich, chips! And even still too high in a lot of labelled low carbs products you can find in supermarket, or even in Health retailers.
Pickslim commitment is to offer you the lowest sugar rate of the Low carb market.

That's why Pickslim is offering you a large variety of low carb, low sugar products high in protein to help you feel satiated longer. 
With Pickslim program: you will loose fat and not muscle. 
Our method is proven as we tested it ourself! 
Let's discover who we are and our weight loss method... 

Prior to starting any weight loss program, any question concerning your health and your ability to follow a weight loss program has to be discuss with your Doctor.
Make sure you drink plenty of liquid every day. These products are not meal replacement but are high biological value protein supplements. Do not use as a sole source of nutrition.
Individual nutrient needs may be higher or lower, based on gender, age, level of physical activity and other factors.

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator


In Pickslim, we know what it’s like to struggle with weight loss, and weight management.
That’s why , Pickslim created slimming plans online : easy to follow diet plan UK, high protein low cal diet planlow carb, keto diet plan for a quick weight loss you can see.
And because we know it is often limiting to be in a low calorie diet , as variety is not a priority for a lot of our competitors, we are committed to offering you the largest range of weight loss supplements, diet products and vlcd diet plan. Pickslim range is designed to offer low calorie low carb and high protein content. Let’s pick your favorite treat in between our 250 products!
In Pickslim, we are convinced that weight loss, or slim maintenance, to be follow and efficient has to be easy ! That’s why all our diet products are ready to eat or quick and easy to prepare.