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7 Days Management Plan

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Management Plan is a weight management plan ideal for stabilisation, or gentle weight loss plan. 

Management Plan is a weight management or a weight stabilisation solution

You followed our Total fast plan, or our Lifestyle plan to lose weight, and came back to a BMI in between 19 and 24. Your journey to Healthy weight is not finished yet: most people who lose weight put it back on! Thanks to our Pickslim plan, you changed your food habit, and you need now to ensure you will maintain them long term. Little extras, indulgent week end, holidays will always be part of your life, and you want to enjoy it. Food is part of that, that's why in Pickslim we don't tell you: stop eating carbohydrates, fat , calorie until the end of your life! We are telling you: enjoy life and take good time. However, for your health, for your wellbeing, we will help you to keep your nutrition balanced,and your calorie intake under control !
In case of indulgent week end : 2 pr 3 days of Management plan. In case of holidays: 1 week of Management plan.

If you complete our Total fast plan or our lifestyle plan, we recommend you to do at least 1 week of management plan for a smooth transition to normal eating. 

Management plan is a weight loss plan for people with a weight loss target of 4 to 7 lbs (2 to 3 kg)*

If you don't have much weight to lose, and your BMI* is in between 19 and 23 (Congratulation you are at healthy weight) our Management Plan is for you. You will have to choose one meal replacement by day, plus 2 snacks high in protein to ensure you won't be hungry. For the 2 others meals, you will just need to have 2 healthy meals made of 1 portion of meat or fish, vegetables and 1 fruit. If you follow this low carb diet  for 1 week, no doubt you will be able to lose 4 to 7lbs (2 to 3 kg)* *easily. 
*To know your BMI, and to estimate your weight loss needed to reach a healthy weight, don't hesitate to use our BMI Calculator. 
* *Weight loss results can only be used as a guide, they may vary and are different for each individual.


What is Management Plan principles? 

Management plan is a transition to normal eating after a weight loss plan achievement, a stabilisation plan, or a simple response to your low weight increase in order to loose your extra weight fastly and easily: You will replace 1 of your meal with a Meal replacement, and will have 2 low carb snacks high in protein to avoid hunger.
Your day will be: 
  • Breakfast: 2 slices of bread or a low carb Protein (ideally you can order our low carb and high protein products for Breakfast  to increase efficiency of your diet), with a tea or a coffee
  • Morning break: 1 Pickslim snack
  • Lunch or Diner: 1 MRP
  • Afternoon break: 1 Pickslim snack
  • Lunch or Diner:  healthy eating meal with 1 portion of protein (ideally poultry or fish, however red meat is allowed 1 or 2 times a week),vegetables, 1 fruit. You can consume carbohydrates like beans, pasta, rice or potatoe, but we would recommend to eat them for diner. Regarding dairy products, we recommend you to eat them more for lunch. Of course, if you eat junk food, fatty meals, and drink sodas packed with sugar, or alcohol, you won't loose weight, and you may even gain weight. 
Drink 2 liters min of water per day, or sugar free drink

If your weight gain is more than 4 lbs*, you will need 1 complete week. If it is lower than 4lbs, you can just do it 2 to 3 days depends on how easy you come back to your initial weight.
In that case, you have 2 weight management plan in your 7 days pack!

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator


In Pickslim, we know what it’s like to struggle with weight loss, and weight management.
That’s why , Pickslim created slimming plans online : easy to follow diet plan UK, high protein low cal diet planlow carb, keto diet plan for a quick weight loss you can see.
And because we know it is often limiting to be in a low calorie diet , as variety is not a priority for a lot of our competitors, we are committed to offering you the largest range of weight loss supplements, diet products and vlcd diet plan. Pickslim range is designed to offer low calorie low carb and high protein content. Let’s pick your favorite treat in between our 250 products!
In Pickslim, we are convinced that weight loss, or slim maintenance, to be follow and efficient has to be easy ! That’s why all our diet products are ready to eat or quick and easy to prepare.