Chocolate Pistachio Almond Crunch Bar.


High protein bars Chocolate Pistachios crunchy Bar with almonds and pistachios elaborated by Pickslim for a satiated and yummy low calorie filling snack,low carb to keep burning fat, ideal weight loss bars. Gluten Free.

£ 1.80

Nutritional values Per 100 g Per 44 g
Energy (kJ) 1490 655
  (kcal) 358 158
Fat (g) 14.4 6.3
of which saturates (g) 7.5 3.3
Carbohydrates   (g) 10.9 4.8
of which sugars (g) 2.5 1.1
Fibre (g) 28 12.3
Protein (g) 34 15
Salt (g) 0.8 0.35
Due to temperature changes whilst goods are in transit, chocolate coating can be altered. This is not a safety issue, and taste of product is not impaired. In that case, don't hesitate to put it in the fridge
  • Individual serving
  • 15 grams of proteins
  • Gluten Free 
  • 1 bar is 158 kcal
  • Ready to eat
  • On the go snack
Ingredients List:
Proteins blend (soy protein textured (soy protein, tapioca starch) ; milk protein ; soy protein (soy lecithin) ; hydrolyzed gelatin) ; polydextrose ; oligofructose (chicory root extract) ; vegetable oils (RSPO certified palm kernel oil, RSPO certified palm oil, shea oil and sunflower oil) ; humectant : glycerin ; cocoa powder (4,4%) ; almonds (2,0%) (nuts) ; flavours (soy) ; cocoa butter ; emulsifiers : sunflower lecithin, mono and diglycerides ; pistachios (0,2 %) (nuts) ; salt ; sweeteners : sucralose, potassium acesulfam. 

Allergens :
Contains milk, soy and nuts (see in bold).  

An insanely delicious high protein diet bars while staying on track with your weight loss plan. 

Let's smash your diet plan with our Pickslim High Protein Chocolate pistachios crunch Bar with almonds and pistachios.

With 15 grams of proteins per bar, Pickslim Chocolate Pistachios bar is a delicious and crunchy chocolate bar, with almonds and pistachios bites that will help you to manage your sweet cravings while you are on a weight loss journey. High protein snack bar to help you to feel fuller longer than with any other "fatty snack". Indeed, Proteins are longer to digest, and keep your stomach fuller for longer. On addition, Proteins are using more calories to be digest, than any other snack full of carbohydrate.

Your Low calorie Snacks sorted for your vlcd plan: Low Syn Chocolate pistachios Bar with Almonds and Pistachios for only 158 calories! 

Our Pickslim Chocolate pistachios Bar with Almonds and Pistachios will become very fastly your favourite guilt free treat for your high protein vlcd: with only 158 kcal per Bar, you can enjoy a delicious chocolatey Bar with crunchy bites of Healthy nuts like Almonds and Pistachios while you are following your weight loss Plan for a Low calorie snack that won't impact your weight loss. For only 158 kcal per Bar, our Pickslim Chocolate Pistachios Bar can be included in all our Pickslim weight loss Plans: Total Fast Plan, Lifestyle Plan, 5/2 Plan, Management Plan. You will love it that much that you will keep enjoying it even after your weight loss : it will be your favourite snack to ensure you manage your weight tracker stressless. 

A Low carb Chocolate Pistachios Bar for your Keto Diet.

With only 4.8 grams of Carbohydrate per Bar, and 1.1 gram of sugar, our Pickslim Chocolate Pistachios crunchy Bar with almonds and pistachios is Keto diet snacks. Indeed, the low carb content allows you to enjoy our yummy Chocolate Pistachios Bar from DAY 1 of your Keto Diet, with no risk for your Ketosis. Thanks to Pickslim you can now follow any Low Carb Diet and enjoy a delicious chocolatey snack and keep burning fat. Like most of our Bars, Sweets, Biscuits and cake, or Snacks: our Pickslim Chocolate Pistachios Bar is convenient for your Low carb Diet or even Ketogenic diet. Thanks to Pickslim you are now allow to be Keto and enjoy chocolate just because sometime you need it without always wondering "how do I know if I am in ketosis? "! 

GLUTEN FREE: Pickslim Chocolate Pistachio Bar will vary your Gluten Free Diet with pleasure. 

Gluten is forbidden if you are a person with Celiac disease, as it may cause you serious disease. For other persons, they prefer avoid gluten because they feel better when they do not eat it. Gluten free popularity increase significantly these last years, and we saw so many "free" products on the diet market. It can be hard to find the right products, some products are processed to remove gluten or processed without gluten. But gluten free products doesn't mean low calories products, so some gluten free products may still be high in calories. Pickslim elaborated a gluten free range low in calories, high in protein and low in carbs to help you on your weight loss plan, and to allow you to find some variety even if you have to avoid gluten.
Cutting out Gluten from you diet may seem limiting, fortunately Pickslim GLUTEN FREE range provides you healthy and delicious alternativ and allow you to vary your food
Gluten free based on Regulation EU n°41/2009 and Regulation EU  n°828/2014.

In Pickslim we are convinced that Diet and Pleasure are compatible, that's why we are offering you a full range of delicious Bars : let's try our Cookie and Cream Chocolate Bar, or our Toffe Bar milk Chocolate coated. 

Pickslim Chocolate Pistachios Bar nutrition informations.
High protein, high fibre and low sugars bar with sweeteners and polyol. No added sugars. Gluten free.
158 kcal per serving.
High protein: 15 grams of proteins.
Low carbohydrate: 4.8 grams of carb.
Sugar: 1.1 gram of sugar.

Date of minimum durability and storage.
15 months of shelf life from the date of manufacturing if stored under recommended conditions. Store in the original container in a cool (< 25 °C) and dry place (RH < 65 %). Make sure that the bag or container is properly closed.

Individual nutrient needs may be higher or lower, based on gender, age, level of physical activity and other factors.
Make sure you drink plenty of liquid every day. This product is not a meal replacement but is a high biological value protein supplement. Do not use as a sole source of nutrition.
With sugars and polyols
An excessive consumption can lead laxative effects. (Directive CE n° 94/35  30th of june 1994, JOCE 10/09/1994 n° L237).

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Made in Canada.

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