Pickslim method

Pickslim Method: An Easy to follow diet to lose weight.  

You want to lose weight, and you want to make it simple. Pickslim method is 2 phases: the Weight loss phase, and the Stabilisation phase. This stabilisation phase is the re-feeding phase when you re-introduce in your daily meals products you stopped eating during your weight loss phase. You can use the stabilisation phase after your weight loss plan for you weight maintainance.


The Weight loss phase:

You will stay in weight loss phase until you reach your weight target: to help you determinate your ideal weight, Pickslim recommend you to use our BMI calculator*. Once you have your BMI (Body Mass Index) , you will know how many pounds you need to lose. Based on how many pounds you need to lose and your lifestyle, you will easily determinate which weight loss plan you will follow.

3 Weight Loss Plans adapted to your Lifestyle and Weight loss target:

Total Fast Plan (TFP):

If your overweight is important, or if you have a short deadline to reach your ideal weight, Our Pickslim Total fast plan (TFP) is ideal for you.
Easy to follow diet as Pickslim created all your meals over the period, it is total solution with 4 Pickslim meals every day

  • Breakfast: 1 Pickslim product + 1 tea or coffee.
  • Lunch or Diner: 1 Pickslim Meal replacement.
  • Afternoon break: 1 Pickslim snack + 1 sugar free drink (tea, coffee, or zero coke).
  • Diner or Lunch: 1 Pickslim product with vegetables or salad. 1 Fruit.
Benefits of the TFP
- Total solution with no grocery, no cooking. 
- Fast and efficient weight loss.
- Your body is in Ketosis*: rapid fat burn with health benefits.

Lifestyle Plan:

Lifestyle plan is a Low calorie diet for people with a BMI* below 30 who wants a regular weight loss.
The lifestyle plan is a diet that can fit around your lifestyle with 1 conventional low carb meal by day.
If your BMI* is below 30 and you want to lose up to 1 to 1.2 stone (6 to 8 kg), and you think you will miss conventional meal, Lifestyle plan is done for you. Lifestyle plan will allow you  to maintain 1 low calorie, low carbohydrate meal a day. It is ideal if you want to sit down and have a meal with your family or friends, and it won't compromise your social life.
You will have 4 Pickslim products by day and 1 low carb lunch or diner (based on your lifestyle, you will pick the one you want!!). 

Benefits of Lifestyle Plan
- 1 conventional meal a day with your friends of family. 
- 1 snack a day .
- Mild ketogenic solution. 

5:2 Plan:

5:2 DIET also known as The Fast Diet: an intermittent fast weight loss plan with 2 non consecutive days  when you reduce significantly your calorie and carbohydrate intake (500-600 calories per day), and 5 days of the week are normal eating days (2000 calories for women, and 2500 calories for men). You will organise your week to ensure it fit to your lifestyle: you can chose whichever two days of the week you prefer, as long as there is at least one non fasting day in between them. A lot of Dieters are following the 5:2 Plan  and saw an impressive health benefit like reducing insulin level. The 5:2 Plan can be an ideal Lifestyle diet after your weight loss Plan to maintain your weight. 

Benefit of 5:2 Plan: 
- Perfect if you want to lose or maintain your weight. 
- 5 days of normal eating within recommended eating calories. 

The Stabilisation phase:  

You changed your Diet and eating habits to reach your weight target, CONGRATULATION!! Now we don't want you to have done all of this for nothing, and we want you to keep the weight off. That's why you will need to stabilise your weight after your weight loss phase, and after you will need to maintain your weight.

The Stabilisation: 

To ensure you won't come back to your initial weight, we recommend you to have a transitional phase when you will re- introduce forbidden food step by step. 
The stabilisation phase lenght will be proportional to the lenght of the weight loss phase:
  • 1 week of weight loss phase: 2 days of Stabilisation (1 day carbs re-introduction/ 2nd day dairy products).
  • 2 weeks of weight loss phase: 1 week of stabilisation ( every other day).
  • 3 weeks and more of weight loss phase: 2 weeks of stabilisation (1 week/ 1 week).
During this phase, you will re-introduce products you stopped eating: the carbohydrates and the dairy products. No matter which one you re-introduce first. It depends on which one you prefer!
  • If you choose to start with carbs: every other day for diner, you add some pasta, or potatoes, or rice to your usual diner. You will have then meat or fish, vegetables and pasta as example. And 1 fruit.
  • If you choose to start with dairy products: every other day for lunch, you can add some cheese, or a  yoghurt (of course indulgent yoghurts and dairy desserts are not allowed).
  • if you choose carbs the first week, introduce dairy products and vice versa.
Please note that we recommend you to consume carbs for diner, and dairy products for lunch.
It is crucial to keep drinking 2 liters of water by day. 

Management Plan: 

You achieved your ideal weight and you are now stabilised. However, it can happen you had 2 to 4 lbs back because of holidays, or Festive season. Like so many people, you have been overweight not necessarely because you eat excessively, but because your metabolism doesn't burn all the calories you are eaten. We are not equal when it is about the number of calories burned at rest: some of us it will be 1300 calories, some 1500 calories, and we didn't talk yet about the calories consuming! 
That's why you need to be aware that your weight loss efforts are not finish because you lost weight. You need to be aware that if you want to maintain your results, you will need to adopt new eating habits or the weight will just creep back. And if you few lbs back, it is not a failure. 
Depends on how much weight you have more: we recommend you 2 days to 1 week of Pickslim Management Plan.
Management plan is a transition to normal eating after a weight loss plan achievement, a stabilisation plan, or a simple response to your low weight increase in order to loose your extra weight fastly and easily: You will replace 1 of your meal with a Meal replacement, and will have 2 low carb snacks high in protein to avoid hunger.

Some people will prefer to maintain their weight with the 5:2 Plan as they will have 2 Fasting days and 5 normal eating days instead of having several days in a row. 

*What is Ketosis?
Ketosis is a natural metabolic process in which your body burns stored fats rather than glucose (sugar) as it main source of energy, because it doesn't have enough glucose, and glucose is derived from carbohydrates and sugar. This results in a build-up of acids called Ketones within the body. You enter Ketosis by following a diet called the Ketogenic Diet or Low carb Diet. The Aim of the Diet is to reduce carbohydrate (50 grams per day max) and sugar.

*What is BMI? 
BMI is the abbreviation for Body Mass Index. It is an index for relating weight to height. It is a person's weight in kilo divided by her or his height in meters squared. Based on result you are considered as underweight,  normal weight ( healthy weight), overweight or obesity . 


BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator


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