All our PICKSLIM Products are high in protein but low in carbohydrate and sugar. 

Enjoy the full flavour of our products high in protein to satisfy your hunger and to control your sugar and carb craving. Our products are ideal for anyone who wants a low calorie lunch, dinner or snack whenever they want to maintain their weight or loosing weight.
All our products are compatible with low carb diet, low calorie diet, Atkins diet, VLCD or high protein diet.
So let's pick your Sweet  or Savoury favourite Products :  bars, desserts, Meals, .....!

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator


In Pickslim, we know what it’s like to struggle with weight management.
That’s why , we created weight loss plans  for you: easy to follow diet, low in carbohydrate, low in calorie and high in protein to ensure your hunger is satisfied.
And because we know it is often limiting to be in a low calorie diet , as variety is not a priority for a lot of our competitors, we are committed to offering you the largest range of weight loss supplements and weight loss management range all designed to offer lower calories, lower carbohydrates and higher protein content. Let’s pick your favorite treat in between our 200 products!
In Pickslim, we are convinced that weight loss, or weight management, to be follow and efficient has to be easy ! That’s why all our products are ready to eat or quick and easy to prepare