I am Kate, the foundator of Pickslim. I struggled all my life with weight, I tried several weight loss program but was unable to find the right one for me.
With years, a family life and a busy job with no time to cook, over weight increased until a 14 size dress!
5 years ago, I had very tough time emotionally and professionally, and I decided ENOUGH is ENOUGH!
I wanted to loose weight, come back to a “normal dress size” but didn’t want to stop my social life: I love organizing diners with Friends and family at home, I love going out to restaurant for Diner, meeting Friends for a lunch and for me loosing weight was all about stopping that!

One of my colleague talk to me about a low carbohydrate method that really works , allow you some extra as long as you control your calorie intake and come back on rack straight after. I tried several time in the past to reduce calories but I never stopped carbohydrates!
So I tried to stop carbohydrates as I had nothing to loose!
When I started, I talked about my doubt to be hungry as I had a very active life,and was used to eat high quantities! I understood that protein intake was crucial to manage my weight loss program without craving in between meals. 

I started my weight loss journey: I was at 13 stones (84 kilos) for 5.7 feet (1,70m)
With a 1stone 6 lbs target!

My program was as simple as that: the least possible sugar and carbohydrates!
It was new for me as I always thought carbs were not so bad as long as you include them in a light meal, or as long as you don't add fat !
I tried with simple daily meals:

  • 1 portion of protein
  • Vegetables (boiled, grill, roast in the oven, dry fry..) and/ or salad. Season with herbs and spices, vinegar as much as you want
  • 1 fruit
  • No alcohol
I have been surprise to notice that I lost weight easily and fastly: after 3 months (and 2 weeks of Summer holiday in between!!) my 1 stone 6 lbs target was achieved!
I felt so much better and was so proud of myself that I decided to continue and 2 months after: I weighed 9.8 stones .
Today, 4 years after I am managing to maintain my weight, and no way for me to come back to my 13 st weight!

How do I do that?
of course managing a low carb diet when you are busy, and doesn't have time to cook varied meals to ensure you won't be fed up and will crack on with easy meals like Pizza or Burgers is not always simple.
On top of that: it is not because you are on a diet that you don't have sweets or chocolate cravings!

That's why OUR PICKSLIM products are made to avoid routine and to allow you to eat "normal food" without frustration while you are on a Diet.
Thanks to Pickslim, you will be able to eat BBQ chips, or chocolate chunks cookie or even having great taste Pancake with Hazelnut and chocolate spread on it for Breakfast! 
All our Products are low carbs, high in protein and low in calorie, easy to include in a low carb diet, but even in a high protein diet, low calorie diet or even VLCD.

When I am in weight loss program: I have 4 meals a day
  1. Low carb, high protein breakfast with Pickslim Porridge or Madeleine and a tea. When I am late I grab a shake
  2. Low carb Lunch with 1 Pickslim ready meal like Pickslim chicken curry, and I add a nice dessert like Pickslim Chocolate Mousse
  3. A snack: a bar,  a biscuit or one of our drink like hot chocolate in the afternoon .
  4. Diner: a Pickslim soup or one of our meal like an omelette with vegetables or salad.
Of course when I am in a hurry, and didn't have time to take a meal, I take one of our Meal replacement a Bar or a shake.

When I want to maintain my weight:
If I have extra  or a busy week end : I do 2 days with Pickslim products and I immediately come back to my weight.
If it is after 1 or 2 weeks of Holidays, I do 1 week of Pickslim products to come back to my initial weight. 

4 YEARS LATER: thank's to Pickslim products I have been able to stay to my Ideal weight without frustration. I feel much better in my body. 
All my medicals exams are much better and my Doctor didn't recognise my blood tests!

Don't hesitate to join us: try our Method and you will see great results very fastly
With our method, Our Pickslim products and our Help: You will love the NEW YOU and will feel much more confident!

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator


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